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Onboarding for DoOO

One of my responsibilities as Account Manager for Reclaim Hosting is to constantly be questioning how we can make the overall customer experience better for our Managed Hosting and DoOO schools. My natural thought process here has been to break the ‘customer experience’ down into phases, and then evaluate those phases. More or less, here’s the general experience: 1. initial contact, 2. interest follow up,… Read More »Onboarding for DoOO

Reclaim Website: New Services

In case you’ve missed it, read my first post on the new website design for! While the post mentioned above documents some of the visual changes on the new Reclaim website, I wanted to write today about some of the new services offered at Reclaim that were introduced with the site design. WordPress Multisite Hosting → Managed Hosting A subtle but powerful change, we’ve renamed… Read More »Reclaim Website: New Services

Website Redesign for Reclaim

As you have likely seen by now, got a serious facelift last week! I’m completely thrilled with how it turned out, and super excited to see these designs come to life. There were many goals for the new site, but I’ve summarized them into 5 categories: 1) freshen up the general design; 2) create a stronger VHS tape metaphor; 3) highlight our schools; 4)… Read More »Website Redesign for Reclaim

Summer 2018 Check-In

As my first official Account Manager duty, I’ve been sending out the first of many check-in emails to our Domain of One’s Own schools. I feel that it’s important for institutions to hear from Reclaim Hosting more than the occasional support ticket response or invoice reminder email. These check-in emails are separated primarily into two sections: What’s New and Account Analytics. The What’s New section (which I’ve… Read More »Summer 2018 Check-In

Summer Cleanup: CRM

Reclaim Hosting summers have historically been our slower time of the year. This has allowed us to put some much-needed brain power towards special projects, personal growth, and organization of internal operations. While this summer has hardly felt slow, I think we’re all habitually using this time to reevaluate our responsibilities and how we communicate to make sure that Reclaim Hosting is still successfully functioning… Read More »Summer Cleanup: CRM