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In case you’ve missed it, read my first post on the new website design for!

While the post mentioned above documents some of the visual changes on the new Reclaim website, I wanted to write today about some of the new services offered at Reclaim that were introduced with the site design.

WordPress Multisite Hosting → Managed Hosting

A subtle but powerful change, we’ve renamed WPMS Hosting to Managed Hosting in order to accommodate hosting solutions outside of the WordPress force. So whether you need a hosting solution for your large WordPress Multisite or a Virtual Private Server for a digital project not supported in regular Shared Hosting, we’ve got you covered. In addition, Reclaim Hosting has been in cahoots with the CUNY Grad Center to offer Commons in a Box hosting, which we’re hoping to roll out soon.

All Managed Hosting plans include your own cloud infrastructure hosted by Digital Ocean, automatic backups, free migrations, SSO integration, and top-notch security, maintenance and support handled by Reclaim. Interested? You can get a sense of pricing by using our cost calculator here, and read about this transparent pricing model here.

PressBooks Hosting

A not-so-subtle change, Reclaim Hosting is now offering Pressbooks hosting for any and all! At the point of signup on our Pressbooks-only server, your application will be installed automatically within cPanel. This can, of course, be configured/deleted after the fact, but the bulk of the set up is taken care of for you. Pressbooks Hosting is similar to Shared Hosting in that things like automatic backups, support, and a free TLD are included, but different in that you will start with 100GBs of space, have the option to set up SSO, and have access to pre-installed themes/plugins configured for professional book designs.

To read more of the backstory that eventually led to this offering, head over here. Our Plans and Pricing are available here.

Professional Services

And finally, Reclaim Hosting has rolled out a “top-tier” level of support for those who are interested called Professional Services. While we do try to go above and beyond in any normal support scenario, there are some requests that we simply have to turn down as they are not feasible for a 4-person team supporting thousands. For instance, cleaning up hacked sites (and then preventing them from being hacked again) is a huge time suck, and not something that we can do over and over again for everyone with a $30 hosting plan. Support scenarios that are dependent on user preference, for instance, like manually configuring software or working through an SLA are other examples of timely support requests that, under normal circumstances, are no-nos.

With Professional Services, all of the aforementioned is now a yes. You can see the full list of what’s covered by scrolling through this page.

We’re super pumped for these new offerings, and hopeful that this is only a glimpse of what’s coming for the future of Reclaim Hosting.

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