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Collection of Hybrid Working Tips

In preparation for the start of next week’s Flex Course on Hacks for Hybrid Working, I thought I would build on a few previous blog posts by compiling my favorite tips and tricks for working from home. I have worked remotely or in a hybrid environment for many years now, and in that time, have developed a set of strategies that help me delineate between my work and home life, stay organized, prevent burnout, and encourage connection.

Tips & Tricks for Time Management

This is a collection of tips & tricks that was compiled over the summer when the Reclaim team met internally to talk about time management & work prioritization. I wanted to add it to this space too, mostly for personal reference.

Coming Soon: Hacks for Hybrid Working

I’m delighted to be joining Dr. Maren Deepwell in just a few short weeks to host Reclaim Hosting’s newest flex course, Hacks for Hybrid Working. We’ll be meeting over the course of 4 weeks beginning late October through November to unpack hybrid working and all that it entails. I’m really looking forward to diving further into personal working habits that take shape in virtual/hybrid settings, evaluating our relationships with digital tools, and building out a Hybrid Working Roadmap.

Working Habits, Self Evals, and Finding Connection

Life at Reclaim has been busy these last few months. Consider this the first of a couple Summer “Check In” posts. You can also read previous summer reflection posts if you’d like! Performance Reviews → Self Evals One of my priorities as a leader is to make sure the team is setting aside time to regularly reflect on their work & happiness/stress levels. I meet… Read More »Working Habits, Self Evals, and Finding Connection

Asana Workflows

Consider this post to be my unofficial love letter to Asana. If that’s not your thing, feel free to skip along to something else. You’ve been warned. :) A lot of my role in operations boils down to evaluating workflows. (Communication pathways, task progress, scheduling, UI inefficiencies, project pipelines, team workloads, etc.) I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to understand the work in front… Read More »Asana Workflows

OER22: Building Connections with Virtual Teams

Last week I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Maren Deepwell at the OER22 Conference about Building Connections with Virtual Teams. This session was actually an extension of a conversation Maren and I had on the radio about leading and working with teams virtually, so it was really fun to make it a part of OER22 as well. We started first by introducing ourselves and… Read More »OER22: Building Connections with Virtual Teams