A Trip to Wake Forest

Right after the Domains19 Conference, Jim and I had the pleasure of visiting Wake Forest University for a two-day workshop around administering their new Domain of One’s Own instance, Wake Sites. I always appreciate this one-on-one time we can have we schools when afforded the opportunity, and our time at WFU was nothing but productive and rewarding. On the first morning, we met up with… Read More »A Trip to Wake Forest

OER19 Notes, Thoughts, and Reflections

I’m sitting in my home office, staring down at my little, blue notebook full of OER19 scribbles, and a bit in disbelief that the two-day conference has already come and gone. Last week I had the pleasure of returning to OER for the second time to participate in conversations surrounding this year’s theme: Recentering Open. I was also there to help represent Reclaim Hosting with… Read More »OER19 Notes, Thoughts, and Reflections

Michigan Domains Workshops, as told by Twitter

A few weeks back Jim and I had the pleasure of visiting two of our Domain of One’s Own schools, Lansing Community College and Michigan State University, for a good old fashioned pow wow. I had never been to Michigan before, so visiting in the dead of February after an arctic blast was everything and then some. We were fairly active on Twitter during our… Read More »Michigan Domains Workshops, as told by Twitter

Roadshow Website

To piggyback off of Jim’s recent post on our new Reclaim Roadshow artwork created by Bryan Mathers, I wanted to announce that the new Reclaim Roadshow Website is now live! I’ve worked on quite a few websites for Reclaim Hosting, and this Roadshow site is easily a favorite. Simple in concept, but the metaphor is so. good. I’ll share a screen capture with my design ideas… Read More »Roadshow Website

Skidmore Workshop: Reclaim Roadshow

A few weeks ago Jim and I had the pleasure of running our very first Reclaim Roadshow in upstate New York at Skidmore College. We’ve done variants of this Domain of One’s Own administrator workshop in the past, but it was always in Fredericksburg, Va at Reclaim Hosting HQ. These worked well enough, but being able to take this content on the road now means… Read More »Skidmore Workshop: Reclaim Roadshow

WoOO Spring ’18 Recap

Not sure what happened here, I blinked and suddenly Reclaim Hosting’s second Workshop of One’s Own happened two weeks ago! It’s been a whirlwind past couple of days (ahem, weeks) but I wanted to take a moment to recap. Overall, I thought this workshop was a great improvement from our first one last November. Our November Workshop was successful, no doubt, but it was our… Read More »WoOO Spring ’18 Recap