Building Culture at Reclaim

I feel like I’ve had writer’s block for weeks now. I’ve been most productive with the monotonous tasks that I had been putting off for some time. Some days I work for hours without moving, while other days I can’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes. There’s no doubt that we all have been coping differently with an anxiety-inducing global pandemic, and… Read More »Building Culture at Reclaim

Screenshot Scenes

Scenes from the last few weeks…which in some ways have felt like a blur, and in other ways have been great quality time. Dual monitor setup to watch Tim share for the first time! Playing Quiplash with some Reclaim peeps to keep our minds off the news. Recording an extended presentation for #OER20 :: Session available here! Participating in #OER20– a brilliant event put… Read More »Screenshot Scenes

Tips on Working from Home

With news about Coronavirus updating seemingly by the hour (I feel like we’ve been living in a movie these last few weeks), a lot of schools/businesses/organizations/etc. have resorted to sending employees home to work remotely. Reclaim Hosting included. I feel incredibly lucky that my job has been remote for quite a while now so this shift has not felt as huge for me. On the… Read More »Tips on Working from Home

Summer 2019 Check In

It has unintentionally become tradition for me to spend summers with Reclaim Hosting in a state of self-reflection as I organize my professional life, tackle a big project, and write a check-in blog post. In the my early Reclaim days the big project and summer blog posts came in the form of self teaching and pumping out a ton of ‘how-to’ articles: Site Publisher: HTML… Read More »Summer 2019 Check In

February List: Handy Tools & Applications

Every now and then I’ll come across an insanely cool application or digital tool that makes life just a little easier. I thought I’d put a list together of my favorites and share below: Note-Taking 1. Bear Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of note-taking tools out there, but this one is something special. First of all, Bear works and syncs between all various… Read More »February List: Handy Tools & Applications