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Notifications from WHMCS Client Groups to Slack

A lot of our support tickets naturally revolve around Account Management & Billing questions, which is to be expected. Behind the scenes, Reclaim Hosting uses WHMCS for all Shared Hosting billing, as well as Domain of One’s Own schools to automatically create cPanel accounts when invoices are marked as paid. There are scenarios where our support team needs to be notified when a specific invoice… Read More »Notifications from WHMCS Client Groups to Slack

Featured Applications | 03: Slack

If you’ve missed the previous featured apps that Reclaim Hosting uses, you can find those here and here.  Out of all featured applications I have or will be highlighting, Slack has got to be the one I’m most excited about. Reclaim Hosting is a huge Slack supporter, so writing about it will be a piece of cake. :) On their landing page, it says that… Read More »Featured Applications | 03: Slack