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Reclaim Hosting

Featured Applications | 04: Intercom

Make sure to check out the previous applications that have been featured: ¬†Asana, Evernote & Slack. In regards to continuing the ‘Featured Applications’ series on this blog, I wanted to briefly highlight one of the backbones of Reclaim Hosting: Intercom. We say all the time that we are our customers– that Reclaim Hosting would be nothing without the users that take us on and support… Read More »Featured Applications | 04: Intercom

New User Manager in cPanel

We get questions occasionally from Reclaim Hosting users that are interested in adding a sub-user to their cPanel account. Multi-user cPanel access would be awesome, but unfortunately that’s something that we don’t have yet. However, we now have reason to believe that it’s on the way. :) cPanel just released a new theme (for the first time since 2007)¬†called Paper Lantern, and Reclaim Hosting has… Read More »New User Manager in cPanel

Easy Fixes for your Reclaim Hosting Account

Wanted to start today with something Reclaim Hosting related: Easy troubleshooting fixes for your website. I’ve been working primarily in support since starting at Reclaim, and to be honest, most of the problems that users find themselves reaching out for end up having a very simple solution. I’ve developed a bit of a mental checklist that I run through when brainstorming with users, and thought… Read More »Easy Fixes for your Reclaim Hosting Account