New User Manager in cPanel

We get questions occasionally from Reclaim Hosting users that are interested in adding a sub-user to their cPanel account. Multi-user cPanel access would be awesome, but unfortunately that’s something that we don’t have yet. However, we now have reason to believe that it’s on the way. :)

cPanel just released a new theme (for the first time since 2007) called Paper Lantern, and Reclaim Hosting has slowly begun rolling it out to users. One of Reclaim’s favorite changes that comes with this new theme is the User Manager.

While the User Manager isn’t exactly multi-user cPanel access, it lays the foundation for it. And as a bonus: it’s also a nice way to easily create a user with access to multiple items at once. Let’s take a look-

You have two ways of getting to your User Manager within cPanel:

On your left hand side bar (quickest option& photo at the top) or by scrolling to the bottom of your cPanel and looking in the Preferences category:

Upon clicking User Manager, this is what you’ll see:

Note the settings wheels next to the search bar that allow you to refine your search, as well as the “Add User” button to the left.

Here you have access to an array of options from a single screen. On top of quickly creating and managing user accounts, you can now also create and maintain email, FTP and Web Disk accounts.

The User Manager also allows you to link separate user accounts (email, FTP, Web Disks) that share the same username, so users can make use of the new Unified login system. Basically, this just means that End users now have to remember one set of credentials as opposed to different sets for every account.

And my personal favorite– you can see which users have access to what with a quick glance to the right-hand side of the page.

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