Fburg Office Space: Before

So you may have heard rumors that Reclaim Hosting has found an office space. It’s true, people! You can read a little more about the space here.

We’re about to break ground on some serious renovations that will completely overhaul the look and function of the space, so I thought it would be neat to document the “before” phase. There are two (two and a half?) large sections that will make up the new home base for Reclaim Hosting. The first section is shown in the picture below.

Click images for an enlarged view!


Stage area on the left, entrance to the building on the right. Long whiteboards currently take up half of each wall.


From the entrance of the space, post furniture removal.


Hallway with bathrooms, kitchenette, & conference room


Entrance to the conference room


Inside the conference room- entrance to private office in the back


Right wall of conference room


Office space with rentable desks. Will become Reclaim’s personal area



State of the ceiling above the tiles

Pretty rad, am I right? We’ve got some pretty awesome ideas for the space, but I’m going to keep them secret for now. ;) More documenting to follow!

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