Reclaim Today: Why Domains at Plymouth State

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This morning Jim and I had the pleasure of continuing conversations from the first Reclaim Roadshow with Katie Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist and driving force for Domain of One’s Own at Plymouth State University. After hearing her present at the workshop, we knew that getting some of her strategies recorded for others was a no-brainer! I definitely recommend giving it a watch/listen when if can spare 25 min. 

As a quick background, Plymouth State University began DoOO in early 2017 and has since seen very steady growth in terms of users building and working within Plymouth Create. Roughly 1,000 users to be exact, with no plans of slowing anytime soon. You can find a brief Table of Contents below that provides a summary of what was covered during the 25-min interview:

Table of Contents

0:14 – Backstory
1:04 – How/Why did DoOO begin at Plymouth State?
3:46 – Key Advocates of Domains
5:40 – Sharing work by Cathie LeBlanc
7:15 – “Boots on the Ground”
8:13 – Strategies for Growth
10:05 – Supporting a DoOO Community
13:45 – Support Resources created by student workers
14:55 – Seeing the need for site templates 
17:49 – Additional documentation and examples of student work
20:26 – Migration Strategies & Data Ownership
23:16 – Examples of Student Portfolios
25:17 – Parting Words of Wisdom
27:40 – Start with the Why


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