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Last week provided a unique scenario for me. Jim was in Australia, Tim was in Germany, and Meredith was on vacation. As both of my bosses were asleep by early afternoon on the east coast, I had to step up my support game to say the least. I worked longer hours, faced the out-of-my-league support tickets head on, and learned an absolute mess of information. And to be honest, I feel rather proud of myself. It was probably the first time that I was on my own support-wise for longer than an afternoon. Additionally, it was also the first time that I felt like a truly capable “fixer”. Don’t get me wrong– I still had to be rescued every now and then, but overall I held my own and that’s something worth celebrating.

I suppose in any line of work, it can be very easy to compare your skill set to that of someone else’s. Especially in an “All Things Internet” career path, this feels so tempting. There’s always another language to learn, another problem to solve, another platform to develop. And on top of that, it’s ever-changing. Shortly after I was first hired at Reclaim, I dreamt of this scenario one day where I never had to ask support-related questions. Where I just always knew the answer. (Lol.) It sounds silly to even type now, but there were months on end where it felt like asking questions was all I did.

(Asking questions is hardly a bad thing, but I’ll save that for another post.)

Every now and then I have to remind myself that I came into Reclaim Hosting with only an English/Creative Writing major under my belt. Everything that I know that allows me to be successful at my job has either been self-taught or learned on the job. So I’m taking a quick minute to step away from the competition, challenges, and tutorials to reflect. I’ve come far in these last two years & I’m feeling proud of that. Psst… If you’re wanting a flashback to my first ever Reclaim Hosting post, you can read that here: How I Joined the #4Life Club.

Last week also gave me a chance to connect & sync with CoWork on a new level. I’ve been opening & closing every day, keeping the Instagram up to date, overseeing conference meetings & being a point person for members. I’ve also been tidying up, dreaming of the “What Next” for the space, and was even interviewed! Since moving back to Fredericksburg in May, this week and last week have been some of the busiest I’ve experienced in the space. Yesterday alone, we had 5 members working in the open area for most of the day, 2 large conference room meetings, gatherings in the private office, and the phone ringing off the hook. It was also a super big mail day for some reason, haha!

^I took on a little mini project of organizing our kitchenette. I added baskets, snacks & a little sign. The goal is to get a built in countertop + sink combo with hanging shelves. The black paint on the wall is actually a chalkboard paint, so I can’t wait to make some floor to ceiling art one day. :) But for now, I’m loving this corner.

^I fully believe that keeping the CoWork Instagram active really does help bring in traffic. It helps give the location a personality. I’ve had multiple people now come in saying “I found you guys on Instagram and wanted to stop by in person!” That feels cool.

^Also today is extra special– it’s Bring Your Brother To Work Day!

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