A Trip to Wake Forest

Right after the Domains19 Conference, Jim and I had the pleasure of visiting Wake Forest University for a two-day workshop around administering their new Domain of One’s Own instance, Wake Sites. I always appreciate this one-on-one time we can have we schools when afforded the opportunity, and our time at WFU was nothing but productive and rewarding.

On the first morning, we met up with Carrie Johnston, Digital Humanities Research Designer at WFU, to get a lay of the land and take a quick tour of the awesome library which is connected with the Teaching and Learning Collaborative, Digital Scholarship space, and One Button Studio (more on that later).

From there, Jim and I jumped straight into a packed two days that covered everything involved in managing, supporting, and administering Domain of One’s Own. We worked with members from IS, DISC, and IT to look under the hood and conceptualize the technical and pedagogical elements that make up DoOO, and thought through how this initiative might have a lasting impact on WFU campus. On top of the fantastic turnout and conversation, we were stoked to find out that WFU has 14 (!!) instructional technologists ready to rock Domains. So cool.

Jim’s Post: Reclaiming Wake Forest
Carrie’s Post: A Week of Reclaim Hosting

This workshop also stands out to me as a personal favorite, because Jim and I were able to lean on the expertise of others by pulling them in remotely. On the first afternoon, Tim joined us on the first day to speak to Reclaim’s workflow regarding bulk migrations into Domain of One’s Own. On the morning of day two we brought in Lauren Heywood, Martha Burtis, and Alan Levine speak on their various experiences with Domain of One’s Own. Lauren spoke about the OWLTEH usage of SPLOTs, Coventry’s progress with DoOO, and different tools that Faculty are using beyond WordPress. Martha spoke about the DS106 Assignment Bank, her experience with UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center, and why there was a need for DoOO at UMW in the first place. Alan spoke about SPLOTs, Domains as a viable options for EdTech, and tools beyond WordPress.

Not only do I think that giving the folks in the room a break from listening to Jim and myself drone on and on, but the perspective that Tim, Lauren, Martha, and Alan brought to the conversation was invaluable and I’m so thankful!

I mentioned earlier that I had more to say about the One Button Studio.. and that’s because it’s so freaking cool! Taken straight from the website, “The One Button Studio is an automated video recording facility with a student focus…No need to mess with camera, lighting, or audio equipment. Just bring a USB thumb drive and the studio will do the rest.”

Brianna Derr, Manager of Advanced Learning Projects for Academic Technologies, gave us a tour of the One Button studio during one of our breaks and my mind was blown! I really love how dead simple it was to turn on the lights and begin recording almost immediately. The simplicity helped make the the studio space feel very approachable and doable for a newbie such as myself. Click here to read more about the One Button Studio mission!

A sincere thanks to Wake Forest University for hosting the workshop- Jim and I had a blast!

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