Saving Email Responses using Signatures

Although I’m just a few weeks into my new position, I’m already finding myself sending out similar emails multiple times a week. This is by no means a complaint, but rather something that just comes with the territory of working with various schools on their Domain of One’s Own initiatives. How does Reclaim Hosting handle backups? What are your graduation exit strategies? Can you resend my admin password? What is the protocol for a hacked site? You know, things like that. And while each scenario, project, account, etc. is just a little bit different, the Reclaim facts don’t change, nor do the guides and support articles that I link up to.

To save myself some time from rewriting the same email over and over again, I’ve started using the signatures in my email client, Spark. (As a heads up- Gmail tackles this with¬†Canned Responses, but I hardly ever log into the web version of my email.) I’ve saved my most common responses as email signatures. So now when I go to respond to an email, I simply select the signature I want to respond with, customize it to the scenario at hand, and click send. Emails that used to take me half an hour to compose are now taking me ~5 minutes.

In Spark, you can create new signatures by going to Preferences > Signatures:

^You can also create new signatures while you’re composing an email!

^Click the up and down arrows next to your signature.

^A new window will pop up where you can scroll through your existing “signatures” or create a new one. Hover your mouse over the signature you want to use (it will turn blue) and click to select. Also as a small tip: make sure you add your *actual* signature to the templated responses.

Now all that’s left to do is customize your response however needed, then click send. Booyah!


    • I used Airmail for a while, but the search was not cutting it for me. Made the switch to Spark and it feels like night and day! My only complaint with this workflow is I wish Spark allowed me to make titles for my signatures so I could minimize the full templated response. If you find that Airmail does more of that, let me know!

  1. Abbey

    Thunderbird users can add the add-on Quicktext to create templates for various uses which can be categorized under drop-down menus on the e-mail composition windows or called up by a keyword. Lots of customization such as inserting the recipient’s name, address, date, etc.

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