Rethinking Workshop of One’s Own

If you missed the summary of the Fall 2017 Workshop, feel free to read it here

So we’ve decided to slightly rework the content in the coming Spring ’18 Workshop of One’s Own! While there was nothing wrong with the Fall workshop, it was tailored specifically for the system administrator– the one who would be troubleshooting/supporting their Domain of One’s Own instance from the backend. We wanted attendees to be able to walk away with the knowledge to handle an influx of support tickets and server-side dilemmas of all shapes and sizes.

But now that we have DoOO support documentation written and published, we feel comfortable branching out into a more discussion based, hands-on workshop.

So for this coming March, we’re tweaking things slightly. We’d like to move away from the super hairy admin tech side and focus more on the people part of DoOO by talking through the following:

What are strategies for promoting DoOO on our campus? How can we approach faculty members who are hesitant of change? How can we tailor our DoOO program to the goals of our institution? Should DoOO look differently for an incoming Freshman compared to a graduating Senior? Where is the balance between managing our community and empowering our community?

Don’t worry– we’re still planning on including a baseline of information to maneuver and support the Domain of One’s Own platform on an administrator level, we just want to scale back on the nitty-gritty details. This will give us time to focus on things like project templates, SPLOTS, real-world case studies for applications other than WordPress, and creating awesome stuff on the spot. We want to unpack cPanel and highlight the potential of the tools available within a Domain of One’s Own environment.

Rough Itinerary:

// Day One
8 – 9: Coffee & Light Breakfast
9 – 5: How best to use each platform; Understanding WHM & WHMCS; DNS Overview; Common Support Troubleshooting; Graduating Exit Strategies

// Day Two
8 – 9: Coffee & Light Breakfast
9 – 4: Strategies for Promoting DoOO; Case Studies for Omeka, Scalar & Grav; SPLOTs; Building your own project template

Food Situation:

+ We’ve got breakfast, lunch, & dinner covered on Day 1. We’ll also cover breakfast & lunch on Day 2.
+ We also may or may not have an escape room planned during lunch Day 1.

More Info:

For more information about the workshop, click here.

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