Reclaiming Portland

After much anticipation, the entire Reclaim team has finally landed in Portland for the cPanel conference. It’s been great to have all of us in the same space, let alone the same time zone.

We opted for a hotel local to the area as opposed to one of the larger chains.  Ace Hotel has been nothing short of wonderful and has truly added to our overall “Portland” experience thus far. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to stay in the area.

Every room has different quirks & perks (including but not limited to): hooded sweatshirt robes, stand up showers two feet from the bed, bottle openers screwed into the wall above the sink, & awesome (huge) metal graphics on the wall.

The little details of a place like this will always and forever be my favorite part. Why go for chocolates on your pillows when you can do mini salted-brownie & shortbread treats? Also, I’m a full believer that a room key completely makes or breaks a hotel. (In this case, it makes.)

^Cheryl’s on 12th for breakfast- great choice.

^We also visited the Apple Store in town. Apple is Apple obviously, but the layout of this store was particularly cool; two sides of the building were glass.

^View from one of the entrances for Powell’s City of Books, the largest new & used bookstore in the world. We’ve been answering tickets from the Coffee Room, one of nine rooms in the store that together occupy an entire city block. Pretty impressive.

The above reads:

lit•mos•phere (lit’ məs fēr) n: 1. the vast domain of the world’s readers and writers 2. a lively literary mood permeating the air

Love it. And love what this trip is becoming so far.

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