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It’s been a while since I’ve shared recent photos & updates on the happenings of CoWork, so I thought I’d take care of that now! Reclaim Hosting took over the space in November of 2016, and it’s been about a year since finishing renovations and opening the office to the public. In that time we’ve hosted multiple events, added 12-15 full-time members to the space, and currently accept mail & packages for another 10 or so businesses.

Awesome turn out for our first movie night!! ? ?

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One of our recent events was a Summer Movie Night that was co-hosted with Reclaim Video! Seeing that it was our first one, I’m super proud of how it turned out. There were quite a few people there, and the showing of E.T. was awesome. And our new little popcorn machine rocked! For anyone in the area and interested, our next movie night will be on July 13th. Event details can be found here.


^Yesterday we had a two-hour seminar in our empty room next door and it turned out to be a pretty great success. Though the room hasn’t been renovated just yet, once we cleaned out our random boxes/etc. and set up chairs and tables for food, it quickly turned into the perfect space!

^Between the seminar event, CoWork members on the main floor and in the meeting areas, and then the occasional Reclaim Video customer, there were roughly 50 people in the space. For me at least, this feels like a momentous occasion! We’ve come a long way.

^Another recent addition to CoWork has been our Atari Centipede original cabinet arcade game!! Tim and Jim picked up this gem last week and it’s already been a huge hit for both the Reclaim team and CoWork members. Though almost immediately after putting it in the space, we all sort of agreed that it looks a bit lonely. ;)

^And lastly, Tim and I are headed to IKEA tomorrow to get a few more CoWorking desks for the main floor & to take a look at a new kitchenette design. We’re about at the point where we’re ready to take that area to the next level with a sink, dishwasher, and larger fridge so members can start to bring their lunch. CoWork also goes through a ton of plastic water bottles, so I’m hoping that a kitchen sink will minimize some of that. The refrigerator has already been ordered, the wall is painted with a chalkboard paint, and we already have wooden shelves ready to hang. I’m hopeful that the other pieces will fall into place quickly!


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