Chat with Brian Lamb: Reclaim Hosting & Open Ed Tech

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Lamb about Open Ed Tech in general and where Reclaim Hosting fits into the picture. Brian is working alongside Anne-Marie Scott to develop an open course for KPU’s Professional Program in Open Education. The course they are building is called Open Educational Technologies, and will provide a view into some of the technologies used in open education and how they support open pedagogies. The full description can be found below:

The full course description can be found here:

The course trailer can also be found here:

How exciting, right?

In the learning module, Creating and supporting open digital learning environments, Brian and Anne-Marie aim to provide an overview of “the different types of organizations that promote, develop and sustain open-source technologies in education. This may include a single developer who chooses to release their code openly, right up to large multi-institutional and national initiatives designed to support open education technologies at scale.”

Brian and Anne-Marie are currently gathering audio interviews to offer different perspectives on this topic, and I am honored to be included in the bunch! In the half-hour audio interview below, Brian and I spoke about Reclaim Hosting’s larger mission, the larger purpose of Domain of One’s Own, how Reclaim Hosting supports and works with open source technologies, transparent communication, instructional tech, and more.

We used Zencastr to record which was really fantastic & super easy to use. I will now definitely be looking for excuses to use this for future projects, especially since it looks like they’re rolling out an HD video recording option too.

Thanks for including me in the fun, Brian. Now I just need the course to be released to I can sign up!

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