A Semester Rush Worth Celebrating

Sometimes it can be really easy to get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle of daily to-do tasks that we forget to celebrate the work happening at light speed all around us. Celebrating milestones can be easier, because there’s usually a momentous occasion like a work anniversary or conference event that makes us all stop for a moment and say, “Wow, look at that!” But what about the smaller, yet hardly insignificant daily tasks being completed that Reclaim Hosting comes to expect? Those are the tasks that keep the train moving. This blog post is to recognize the day to day work happening all around:

In the last two months, our support team has resolved ~1600 support tickets with a combined 98.8% satisfaction rating. All support documentation was moved out of the Community Forums and into support.reclaimhosting.com. There’s been an overall increase in Professional Development with folks completing cPanel certifications and starting in on a month-long Docker course. We also have an active job listing open for another support team member.

In Infrastructure, there’s been ~230 odd completed asana tasks coming from escalated internal requests, sever monitoring notifications, roadmap projects, and general system improvements. Our servers have had 99.87% uptime over the last 90 days, and we’ve just pushed out two new shared hosting servers (Gyruss and Robotron) to Reclaim Cloud. Finally, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Goutam Vijay Narang to the team as Junior Web Developer. Goutam is already jumping into the ring and I’m so excited to see how he steps into his new role.

The Sales/Account Management team is continuing to work with newer and prospective schools as well as supporting our existing community. In the last couple of months, we’ve been able to hello to Ohio State University Libraries, Miami University of Ohio, Utah Valley University, NYU City Tech, and University of Texas at Austin, to name a few. :) We’re making great progress with revamping our DoOO admin documentation, and are super excited to bring that in house with the rest of our documentation at support.reclaimhosting.com. With the continued growth at Reclaim Hosting, bringing on Pilot Irwin as a Hosting Account Manager was a no brainer. Pilot was previously an administrator for one of our DoOO schools, Carleton College, and the perspective that they bring to Reclaim has already been so valuable.

As a way to say thanks for all the hard work after the new semester rush, we’re sending out build-your-own snack boxes to all employees. If you’ve never used SnackMagic, I highly recommend. These boxes were sent out to everyone during the height of covid quarantining, and here’s a photo of my last box:

Fun, right? I’m also excited to give high fives to some of the Reclaim team when we meet for a group trip in Nashville this November. But until then, here’s a virtual high five!

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