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Managed hosting for WordPress Multisites is a something that Reclaim Hosting has always willingly taken on behind the scenes, but it was never formally offered to the public. And by “formally offered to the public”, I mean listed as a product option on our website. Well… gone are those days!

I wanted to put up a post quickly today to shout from the mountaintops that anyone wanting managed WPMS hosting can now do that through Reclaim (if they didn’t already know that they could.) What’s more, we have a handy-dandy calculator on the WPMS webpage that will give you a pretty good idea of what it will cost. Creating the calculator, surprisingly, was probably more helpful for us be the scenes than folks may realize. Pre-WPMS webpage, we priced these projects on a case by case basis: What will support look like? How about offsite backups? Will migration fees be determined by users or data?

While there are still outlier cases no matter how we price this (support-intensive scenarios, for example), we’ve now standardized the costs associated with a managed WordPress Multisite instance for all educational institutions to see clearly. So when we give the option to choose an 8GB server at $40/month, that’s literally what Digital Ocean will charge us on a monthly basis for their infrastructure; Reclaim Hosting is not upcharging anything. Similarly, it costs Reclaim Hosting $35/mo for the necessary cPanel software & firewall licenses, and an average of $50/month for us to 30 days of reliable, offsite backups. Its completely transparent, and I love that.

^Feel free to watch the above screencast on using the calculator. Please note that its meant to estimate your monthly cost, so that’s why selecting the one-time fee for setting up Single Sign-On integration is not included in the final quote.

As you begin to make your server calculations and are unsure which server setup may make sense for your school, click the line above server size that reads …click here for our recommendations.

And just like that, our recommendations will appear!

Lastly, the bottom of the calculator turns into an inquiry form which is one of my favorite parts of this page, I think. Once you calculate your server requirements, you can click the “next” button, fill out your personal details, and click submit. Your specific selections & questions are then sent to, where a Reclaim staff member will greet you with the next steps, provide clarification, and send you a formal quote. Boom!

See the WordPress Multisite webpage here.

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