Reclaim your Domain | Episodes 1 & 2

Getting set up with a hosting plan and domain can feel like a confusing endeavor if you’ve never done it before. We get support tickets all the time asking detailed questions about our sign up process, and generally ‘where to start’ once signing up.

To break things down as simply as possible, we thought a video series might make the most sense. So the brilliant Tim Owens published the first two episodes today in a series called Reclaim Your Domain. The first episode is called Signing Up, and walks through the entire process from start to finish (including awesome descriptions about Top Level Domains and ID Protect).

The second episode is called The Client Area:

This second video begins with logging into your account for the first time, and explains the differences between the sets of credentials you’re given upon sign up (i.e. Client Area user/pass & cPanel user/pass). Whether you’re a beginner here or not, this episode acts as a great refresher of the tools available to you in your Client Area. Worth a watch!

Keep in mind that our Support Documentation is still available, and you can read our guide about Client Area and cPanel Basics here.

In light of the new video series, is there anything specific to your Reclaim Hosting account that you’d like to be explained in a video? Let me know in the comments below, or send an email to

P.s. See the full list of Reclaim Videos here.

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