Reclaim Today: Sparking Conversations

So, Reclaim Hosting has created a podcast called Reclaim Today! You’ll likely already know this unless you’ve been living under a rock, because I’ve been completely ‘out-blogged’ on this topic. (i.e. Tim’s post, Jim’s posts, Meredith’s post.) But whatever guys, I’m here now.

Reclaim Today has really taken off in just the last few weeks with already having 8 episodes. If you haven’t listened to any of them yet, I encourage you to listen/watch the first one, Hello World, which gives an overview of our goals for the new project.

Another favorite video of mine was Episode 003 with Jim, Tim, and Alan: Land of 1000 SPLOTs:

Meredith and I also just recently published an episode called Sparking Conversations, which dives into an overview of our new favorite email client, Spark.

I recently wrote a post on Spark (read that here) which talks about using signatures as a way to save templated responses. I think Spark’s team features have convinced Meredith and Tim to convert, so I’m hoping that this episode will finally get Jim on board as well. :)

Finally, check out the awesome podcast intro that Tim created!

Excited to add more expisodes to the bunch- if there’s something you want Reclaim Today to cover in a future episode, let us know!

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