Managing Multiple DoOO Servers

So your Domain of One’s Own project is growing, and you just had another server added. Now what? Honestly, not much will change to the day-to-day function of your Domain of One’s Own system.

For Reclaim Hosting we will work to configure the additional server to with your DoOO system behind the scenes, and we’ll be making sure that this server is monitored, maintained, and backing up as normal.

For DoOO Admins this means that any work you do to one server will need to be duplicated on the other. Keep reading to understand what might change.

For DoOO End Users there will be no changes to the sign up/account creation process. New accounts will exist on the newer server, meaning that DNS information would be different, but that won’t necessarily be a ‘change’ for the users themselves.

Finding Accounts

New signups will likely be pushed to your second/newer server for a while. Once the newer server fills up and is about as large as your first server, new signups will be automatically placed on the server with the least amount of accounts. This means that it will still be important overtime to continue cleaning off accounts, even though you have a new server for additional growth.

Since your accounts can now be in different locations, it’s important to know how to find them. The first place would be in the WHMCS Client Profile > Products/Services tab > Server field:

In case, for whatever reason, the system is out of sync and you need to check using an alternative route, you can always look at the DNS for the account domain. Let’s use has an example. Head over to and search the A record for the domain:

The IP address returned is  We can now copy & paste the IP, and then search it in MXToolbox’s Reverse IP Lookup

Based on the screenshot above, we can gather that the IP address is associated with the server, Fugazi, so that’s where lives. (Psst, we have larger guides about all things DNS & DNS Tools if you’re interested in reading more.)

Server/cPanel Adjustments

In general, the biggest takeaway for managing multiple DoOO servers would be this: Whatever you do to server 1, you must also replicate on server 2. Any configurations, changes or tweaks must be duplicated on both servers given the two servers are not synced. Reclaim Hosting can help make these adjustments as well, just let us know!

Main Domain of One’s Own areas that tend to have adjustments:

Additional Reading

Transferring Accounts between Servers

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