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^View of the entrance to CoWork. Folks are greeted with bright plants, eclectic shelving & a Joke of the Day. We’ve started hanging posters & art on the metal wall that faces the main space. More recently, this has included pieces from our recent conference event.

^I’ve been posting regularly to the CoWork Instagram feed and InstaStory. The feed will generally show photos of the area & tag folks associated with it, while the InstaStory will have announcements & our daily jokes. Above are screenshots of InstaStories. Sometimes an Instagram feed can feel a bit robotic or markety, so I truly think the InstaStories help. The handwriting & humor bring in a little personality. The above left shows a screenshot of a story, while the above right is a GIF of how the story looked in real-time.

^The area opposite of the entrance. One of my favorite features of the space has always been those massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Thankfully this was something we were able to inherit when we took over The Foundry. CoWork would, undoubtedly, feel completely different without them.

Two things I’ve been enjoying daily: sunflowers from the Saturday Farmer’s Market & our gorgeous custom farmtable built by Frasier Wood Elements.

^It has been such a pleasure watching this space fill up. Just the other day I captured this awesome moment where the folks at Story Collaborative were “collaborating” in the conference room.

^One of our goals over the coming weeks is to begin hanging art on the walls. We’ve talked about showcasing art from local artists in Fredericksburg, as well as slowly growing a CoWork collection on the side. The pieces above were sent to us by the very generous Ryan Seslow!

^CoWork FXBG has already received quite a bit interest as an event space for presentations, seminars, etc. since we officially opened at the end of May. As a way to accommodate that, we’ve just added a new screen to the back of the large seating area. We’ve gotten in the habit of leaving a few chairs out as well to help folks visualize the space a little bit, but the room is so transformable. As CoWork continues to grow, I see us adding a couch around here, as well as more desks and available workspace. I’d also like to continue playing around with the spacing and usage of that tv. It kind of reminds me of my time as a student working in the Convergence Center at UMW– the walls are lined with screens that are used for announcements, events & showcasing community projects. I could see a very similar setup at CoWork!


For more information about CoWork, head to or stop by in person!

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