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I realize I’m a bit overdue on an office update post (read: life update post) so I thought I would start back today with a few photos of our gorgeous new conference room. I stopped by the office on Monday and Tuesday this past week. Tim and I went to Ikea of Monday for some last-minute pieces, and then we spent most of Tuesday putting everything together. I’ve got a bruised foot from running an Ikea cart over it and a sore back from hanging curtains, but #itwasworthit. “This is a web hosting job,” they said.

There’s some great before photos of the office space that I posted back in November, so I’ve gone ahead and included a few below so you can see the transformation:


^right side of coworking space

^hallway of coworking space + entrance to the conference room

^inside the conference room


^The whole *new* right side of the office space. We took out multiple walls, removed the ceiling, stripped the floors & put a fresh coat of paint on everything.

^We put in glass walls to border the new conference room, and then added curtains that you can close for meeting privacy as needed. That awesome wood-paneled wall on the right is Tim’s handy work from this past weekend!

^Inside the conference room with with curtains partly closed. You can also see the entrance to our newly renovated private office on the left!

^We got a new media cabinet that will house all the fun conference room gadgets. Aside from pinning back those wires & adding baseboards, we’re set.

^The top half of this wall is now an acting whiteboard!

^View with the curtains open.

^From the inside looking out.

More updates to follow soon regarding the rest of the space, so stay tuned! I’m moving to Fredericksburg officially this weekend, and will be starting to work in the office full time as of Monday. Can’t wait for this new adventure!

P.s. If you have Instagram, you can follow us at @CoWorkFXBG for more updates!

P.p.s. Interested in working from the space? Find more info here.

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