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I can’t believe that my last blog post was roughly a month ago! There’s so much that I need to share in this little space and the work at Reclaim is far from slowing down any time soon. But what better way to jump back into blogging than to start a new series of posts showcasing work done in the Reclaim Community? This sort of thing is long overdue, frankly, but there’s no time like the present. On a semi-regular basis, I want to start featuring more work from the DoOO community on my website under the community category because 1) cool sh*t deserves recognition and 2) being able to point to this space for schools that are considering similar projects would be awesome. So, without further ado, everyone check out the new website for!

The team, Daniel Villar-Onrubia, Lauren Heywood, and Noah Mitchell, did a wonderful job in making the homepage both inviting and informative. They tailored sections for both students and educators, followed by easy step-by-step instructions for getting set up in a web hosting environment. Web Hosting can quickly feel intimidating, so ‘getting started’ steps are immediately followed by links to the knowledge base.

Sitting at, the knowledge base is arguably my favorite part of the project. The icons feel like literal stepping stones to navigate the waters of a new web space. More than just documentation with screenshots, this page thoughtfully answers questions like: Why is this important? How do I design a space that’s accessible for everyone? How should I be sourcing images I find on the web? How do I create a privacy policy? How should I structure and organize my various projects? This knowledge base takes on more than just the ‘what-to-do’s’– it tackles the ‘why’s’ and ‘how-should-I’s’, which is equally just as important in a space of newfound digital literacy.

I often get questions from prospective DoOO institutions about how other schools handle Terms of Service and Code of Conducts in this digital space. Having examples is a critical part of that answer, and I really love Coventry’s take on this. They’ve linked to their Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct right on the footer of their home page, as most institutions end up doing, but Coventry has taken it a step further. They’ve added a Sign Up Notice, written in plain English, in an effort to be completely transparent about how user data is being processed and how it can later be removed. Users have to agree to this before even authenticating with Single Sign On to begin signing up.

If you’re interested in chatting further with Coventry’s Domain of One’s Own team, they can be reached at And as always, feel free to check out other DoOO projects at

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